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Why Choose Delahunty as Your
Wholesale Nursery?


We welcome landscapers, landscape designers, landscape contractors, landscape architects municipalities and business alike all over New England. We serve New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and several surrounding areas.


If you choose Delahunty as your wholesale nursery, you will receive competitive wholesale pricing and unrivaled selection and quality. Send us your “plant lists”, and we will get back to you quickly with special job availability and pricing option. Volume discounts are available.

Whether you are in need of a large scale commercial installation or a small residential planting, we have the right products and price for the job. We source exemplary materials at affordable prices.


For a free quote, email us, and one of our trained staff members will contact you. All quotes are returned within 24 hours!

If you choose Delahunty as your wholesale nursery, you will:


  • Speak Directly to an Experienced Nurseryman

  • Receive Excellent Customer Service

  • Receive Fast Same-Day Delivery for most situations

  • Receive Same-Day Quotes

  • Have Access to Competitive Pricing

  • Receive Reasonable Delivery Rates

  • Gain Accurate Sourcing

  • Have Continued Access to Knowledgeable, Tech-Savvy Staff

  • Gain the Advantage of a Business Located in Tax-Free New Hampshire

To become a wholesale member please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 1-3 business days!

Success! Message received.