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Trusted Affiliates

Because we are one of the leading gardening centers in New Hampshire, we are affiliated with a number of landscapers and other similar local businesses to bring you the best products and service available.



Lise McNaughton is an expert landscape designer that we have worked with on many occasions. She specializes in professional landscape design - to scale, detailed and readable drawings for the professional landscape contractor or the homeowner to follow. Computer enhanced photo images can be prepared on request to show before and after views of proposed improvements. An interview will help her collaborate on your priorities and potential enhancements to your existing property to create your dream landscape.


Landscape Design services include:  

    •  Layout and site design

    •  Grading and drainage design

    •  Hardscape design (patios, decks, walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features, 

       pergolas and arbors)

    •  Swimming pool/spa layout

    •  Enhanced photo image

    •  Construction detailing

    •  Planting plan

    •  Outdoor lighting design


The cost of a landscape plan is determined after the initial meeting/interview and is based on the scope of design services. The quote will include travel time, meetings, conceptual design review, finished landscape plan, specifications and plant list.


Consultation services provided at your site:  We will collaborate to assess problem areas for possible solutions or provide a scaled hand sketch for a planting bed or foundation planting. Hand sketches for at-site consultation are generally limited in scope to one larger area or a couple smaller areas and time on site is usually 2.5 to 3 hours.

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