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Garden Center Retail

With eleven acres dedicated to living outdoor plant material, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!


Specializing in landscape ready material, We carry:


  • Shade and ornamental trees from one- to four-inch caliper

  • Evergreens from three to eighteen feet tall  

  • Shrubs from three-gallon containers to mature balled and burlapped

  • Perennials from one gallon up to five-gallon 


If you don’t know what plant palette best suits your needs, our staff is always available to make suggestions or talk you through the decision. Throughout most of the season, fresh nursery stock arrives on a bi-weekly basis. 

We recommend that you keep the color popping all season long with annuals, perennials, and roses. By adding these wonderful, low-maintenance plants to your garden, you will be sure to add the height, textures and bloom times that your current landscape may be lacking.


Container gardening is a simple way to use annuals to add color and interest to your pool, patio or entrances. View our selection of pottery or bring us your own so we can customize your high-impact color all year long. 


We also sell mulch, screened loam, super loam (a loam and compost blend for vegetable gardens) and compost in bulk and in bags. As an added bonus, we deliver! 

Come visit us today to see what's in bloom, what's new and exciting. With ever-changing selection with each season, you will be compelled to come back week after week.

Do you have a gardening question?
Bring in a plant sample or email us a photo with your question.

We're here to help!

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